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Try, Try Again

I have finally gotten around to doing a thorough rewrite of my resume, which is a Good Thing (TM) and just in time to apply for a job that sounds like it was meant for me.

The bad part?

It's been sitting out on the web for quite a while, but since the organization specifically states the positions are posted until filled, and this is a fairly class act, maybe it isn't an oversight. We'll see if the new look gets any better attention than the old one. Worth a try anyway. I won't get a new job by wishing.

I'm starting to clean off my desk prior to be out for the next week. Woo-hoo! Mostly I'm planning for lots of domestic labor. What fun. But I will also get the last of the real work done for the current Psych class and plan to do a little art while I'm at it. Nothing fancy, just a few scroll blanks. It's been a while and then some.

A Washington Post reporter told me the work on my car is mostly done.

I found this out because the clerk at the shop called me yesterday and said a Post reporter wanted to use a picture of my car in an article about the large number of deer-related accidents in the last few weeks.

She was wrong, he just wanted an interview about my accident on the assumption it had happened locally. I'd called and left a message about giving permission to use a picture of my car, and he called back and said, no, that it was repaired, but that he wanted to talk about the accident. When he found out it was up in Cecil County he lost interest. Pity. It would have been fun to have a clipping of that.

Anyway, I expect to hear from Ye Olde Auto Bodie Shoppe soon. I will be so glad to lose the Neon.

Wow. I hear we are under a big tornado watch right now. How exicting. Perhaps I will wait until tomorrow if the car is ready today. ;-)

12:59 p.m. - 2006-11-16


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